Sunday, 26 October 2008

Che at the London Film Festival

Last night I attended the London premiere of Che, the 4½ hour, 2-part eponymous biopic directed by Steven Soderbergh: you can read what I thought about the two films here and here. This is Soderbergh, producer Linda Bickford and Benicio Del Toro being introduced to the audience by Festival Director Sandra Hebron (the quality's awful but it's nice to be able to record my presence!)

Here are some press photos if that was just too disappointing.

Soderbergh drawled event-appropriate platitudes for a couple of minutes which aren't worth repeating. Pickford, interestingly, said that her brief was to get as much of Guevara's story into as little time as possible... Del Toro was utterly to the point, saying that he was 'stoked' that we were all there to watch the premiere. Likewise, Señor.

A quick word on the event: security was at a high level, but this had as much to do with a concurrent event at the same theatre (Nick Moran's Telstar). For the audience it was no different from going to the pictures with the exception of basic complimentary refreshments, free copies of London Film Festival partner publication The Times and of course the celebrity compering. The film itself played without BBFC card or credits (provided on paper). The film was shown in OWE2 - that's Odeon West End, Screen 2! - and despite two 30-second digital glitch-outs, one in each film, the picture and sound is to be highly recommended.

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