Friday, 31 October 2008

Quantum of Solace

You can read what I thought in prose at Here's a reduction of the reasons why I think it's worth shelling out to see Bond 22 - or not:


action sequences borrowed from Bourne

Daniel Craig in the aforementioned action sequences

Judi Dench & Jesper Christensen (Mr. White)

Tosca at Bregenz - and the way director Marc Forster incorporates the end of Acts 1 and 3 into the film

some of the locations



gun barrel sequence - lack of, which didn't overly bother me...

... then repositioning of said gun barrel sequence in a puzzling and frankly redundant place

title song

title sequence


Minority Report-style touch-screen desk which was a) too complicated, b) has been done better in films such as, ooh, Minority Report, c) the fact that this cheap CGI mock-up replaces all gadgets save the product placement one


laughs, humour, wit, gags, charm, style, sex appeal (go to the thesaurus, and insert all the other words that come up when you put these in)

Gemma Arteton (very bad in fact, I'm afraid)

'Will you come and help me find the stationery' as the key seduction line of the film, bringing Bond's unique appeal to an all-new nadir


shoehorning of title into some sort of 'Spectre'-like contrivance as an afterthought

the first letter of the title as a fantastically wanky lapel-pin

beginning and end... in as much as the beginning demands some knowledge of the previous film and the end doesn't so much suggest a sequel and remains unresolved without one. All films should be free standing otherwise it's an admission of a failure to get the script to create a cogent narrative

the clear lack of cogent narrative

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