Friday, 7 November 2008

Guardian Jazz covers Radiohead

Today The Guardian has a Jazz special as its Film & Music Friday supplement. Several Jazz notables have been given permission to attempt their own covers of Radiohead's Nude (from In Rainbows) which one can listen to or even download through The Guardian website.

I'm interested to see that no mention is made in the article of Eliza Lumley's She Talks In Maths, a disc of Radiohead cover versions released in 2007. I admit to only having a lukewarm interest in these covers which largely fail to capitalise on the original's potential (that'll be why The Guardian doesn't mention it then - Ed.!), and of course, In Rainbows was released after She Talks In Maths. However, Nude is a song, and for all that a Radiohead lyric may be said to be elliptic, interpreting the text has it's place which isn't fully explored by only one of The Guardian covers being sung.

In the meantime, here's a very different but IMHO successful take on it:

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