Monday, 9 February 2009

BAFTA night

Some quick marks and comments following last night's BAFTAs.

Ross 8/10 - welcome back

Winslet 5/10 - boring, although I've changed my position. I think that Daldry's The Reader is an inferior film but her performance probably does merit an award

BBC1 2/10 - for showing the same Terry Gilliam summary reel twice then cutting the bulk of his acceptance speech...

... running the end credits directly over that third of the screen in which the minor awards were being reviewed

Danny Boyle 8/10 - nice speech, awesome Indian-name recall, first-class, raucously affectionate son

Mickey Rourke 6/10 - startling everyone with a potty-mouth, then bringing them all back onside by dedicating the award to our own hell-raiser Richard Harris

Mick Jagger 4/10 - making a good joke then repeating it thrice

Goldie Hawn 7/10 and James McAvoy 6/10 - for treating the autocue with the disdain it deserves

Ian McKellen 5/10 - ugly plug for Godot but the best award announcement of the evening

Daniel Craig either 2/10 or 8/10 - naming Kate Winslet as Best Actress sotto voce as, depending on your view: he couldn't be bothered, or; he knew no one care's about the film, only the actor

Brad Pitt 7/10 - enduring the steady procession of 'tough job making Brad look old and unattractive' gags with good grace

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