Friday, 23 October 2009

Julianne Moore serendipity

This afternoon I went to see Atom Egoyan's new film Chloe. It's the first film of the festival (and the first in a long time) that I've wanted to leave early. Of course, I couldn't as I was in the middle of a row in a packed cinema but at least that gave me the opportunity to see its truly risible final shot, like a rubber stamp saying 'crap'.

However, the bizarre things was that, having left Leicester Square. I wandered down to the NFT (i.e. BFI Southbank) to get some tickets for another film. When I got there there seemed to be a bit of a scrum by the QEH stage door entrance. It turned out that Julianne Moore, the chief protagonist of Chloe, was due to arrive and give a Screen Talk that evening. So I hung around - had a lovely chat to a lecturer on post-Apartheid South Africa who was also getting tickets - and then bagged a couple of cheeky snaps.

I didn't trouble her with my opinion of her film.

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