Friday, 16 October 2009

The New 3D

Today I went to see the new Disney-Pixar animated feature UP. I wasn't at all enamoured of the film but it did give me a chance to try out the new generation of 3D films in a theatre.

I saw UP on an everyday screen, as the picture is modified for viewing with 3D glasses and doesn't seem to require special projection. The specs look like a pair of Ray-Ban-a-like shades rather than the old-school duo-tone things in cardboard being handed out in the mid-eighties. Whilst the feature worked well under these circumstances, a prior trailer for A Christmas Carol really grabbed the initiative, throwing images out into the foreground as if they were emerging from the screen.

I didn't feel that the experience was conclusively better or worse than in '2D'. Certainly it should be said that the 3D images did nothing to enhance the narrative or feel of the film in a way that 2D could not. It is very impressive, nonetheless.

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