Monday, 19 October 2009

Up In The Air première

Another red carpet event at the London Film Festival and this time no leading man. Presumably he's got burn-out from his other gala appearances. Although that would make it carpet burn out, which simply sounds wrong.

We were in the second of two staggered screenings of Up In The Air. The director, Jason Reitman, introduced the film and in the given manner at these events, introduced some of the cast. Already I find this a little awkward. Whilst it's super to have the Hollywood stardust scattered at your feet, the actors have no role to play in such pageantry beyond being wheeled on and then off again. It's oddly distasteful (no-one's to blame though).

However, on this occasion we were genuinely glad to welcome the stars as they returned for an (unadvertised) Q&A after the screening. Reitman had plenty to say in response to the unexciting questions from the floor. I got the impression that Anna Kendrick was a little overawed and Vera Farmiga was cool. The final and most sensible question came at the end, asking what was next for the artists. Farmiga is looking to direct - 'take more artistic control' - and has another film on the verge of release; Kendrick is completing the Twilight vampire saga; and Reitman is adapating a screenplay from a book.

I might also so that this was another mixed experience of the Leicester Square Vue. Although the front of house operation was slick and welcoming and the auditorium much better suited to the event than the fleapits on the upper levels, a draught (over zealous air con?) had us very cold by the end of the film. Also, there was no dedicated space for a wheelchair user sitting near me in the front row. Instead she was consigned to the end of a row, away from the seats she and her companion had bought, presumably as they would otherwise be blocking an aisle.

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