Friday, 16 October 2009

Vue Leicester Square

I'd not been to the Vue Leicester Square as part of the BFI London Film Festival before. I'm rather disconcerted that I have to go again in the next fortnight after going to see White Material there this afternoon.

Really it's a classic example of biting off rather more than one can chew. Here you see the barriers being prepared for Viggo Mortensen's appearance to introduce The Road, (premièring there later) although it turned out they were to double for Colin Firth and others associated with A Single Man.

Following the Denis film, we were prevented from leaving via the narrow escalator system as 'a talent party' were making their way to another screen (it turns out that 'talent party' is PR insider speak for VIPs associated with the film. Ugh). This, added to being shown to the wrong seat and so consequently turfed out of it when the lights were going down as the film started, as well as the inability of the projectionist to focus the film corrected for at least the first half hour and I wonder whether or not Amanda Nevill and Sandra Hebron are going to be a little concerned.

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