Sunday, 22 November 2009

Newest Cinema in town

Yesterday I popped into the HMV Curzon, a new cinema built into a branch of HMV in Wimbledon. This is a speculative - possibly even logical - venture for the music/games/DVD retail chain which has already radically changed its Bond Street store: there, all music (CDs) have been compressed onto one floor, the first floor, and the premium ground floor is given over to games and merchandising.

This cinema is surprisingly large, with three colour-coded screens each seating around 100 and a sizeable cafe/bar front of house. Naturally, I was virtually alone for a 10.30am screening of Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock. The auditorium is comfy, although cosy might be a better word given its size, the sound and picture wonderfully pin-sharp... and the film started 5 minutes late.

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