Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Top Cinema Gripes (very few)

They are, in order:

1) Not starting the film on time (too early or too late).
2) Showing the film in the wrong aspect ratio/out of focus/incorrect sound/mucky projector lens.
3) Excessive air conditioning, meaning the auditorium is to cold/has a draught.
4) Selling popcorn, and sweets in super-crackly bagging.
5) The gazillion % markup on bottled water.

In fact, this is a small list and one in which the cinema itself may only be held responsible for the first three (i.e. it's dispiriting having to sit through a Bergman film next to someone eating popcorn in the manner of Fantastic Mr Fox but that's not the cinema's fault). The first two are also rather rare.

In Dutch multiplexes, all films are stopped unceremoniously at the halfway mark for a 'pauze' (or intermission) so that the audience can go and buy more Heineken.

In London, we are spoilt with a remarkable choice of places to see film (although not always reflected in the variety of film available). Generally speaking, they do a reasonable job of putting the film on the screen in a manner and an environment that allows to you to get the best from it.

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