Sunday, 24 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar #15 - Silent Protest

Popstar To Operastar is a TV show that relies on the razzmatazz of glossy high production broadcasts, traditional and social media chat and the interaction of a telephone and live studio audience. It is, actually and metaphorically, a noisy show.

The vehicle for all the showbiz is the acoustic art of singing, and the content pillaged from the aesthetic rape of opera.

No-one watching the abuse of the artform and its tradition through the broadcasts, or through social media and press is in any position to do anything about this. Telephone voting makes no impact on the content of the show. The participants will be under contracts that maintain its misguided integrity.

Which leaves the studio audience.

Though the audience is encouraged to participate in a set fashion - applauding and reacting at appropriate moments - they are not bound by contract other than terms and conditions concerning reasonable behaviour on site (and their willingness to be filmed). It is entirely reasonable for the studio audience NOT to applaud or react in any way.

Use the SRO website to get tickets to the show. Take your seat. Then from when the show goes live to when it comes off air sit in silence. Without the noise associated with the 'popstar' constituent of the programme, the show will be rendered obsolete.

The Operastar Silent Audience: a viable and effective acoustic protest at the abuse of an acoustic art.

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