Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar #2 - junketeering

I have already warmed to Jimmy Osmond, who is genial and articulate. However this (DailyStarOnline) video demonstrates exactly why I am, at best, deeply sceptical about this wretched new verisleb show:

from 1.58:
... and so I think people will tune in just to learn for themselves, cos it's fascinating how complicated this instrument is. Everybody wants to learn how to sing better and so hopefully it'll just get everybody singing and that's a positive thing to be a part of.
There is indeed a real danger that people will tune in thinking that they may learn something practically applicable about singing. That is not the purpose of this show. This show is an exposé, putting familiar faces from the entertainment industry in an unfamiliar situation.

The second part of what Jimmy Osmond says here is equally troubling - the now sacrosant rider that such programmes get people involved which can only be a good thing. This is supposed to ring-fence the dubious nature of the 'mentoring' and associated instruction going on during the programme with an unimpeachable reminder that it's really all showbiz... so the cynical, knowledgable - hey, the haters should really just back off.

There are more trailing appearances here and here.

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