Thursday, 14 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar #3 - Language!

ITV have added individual introduction videos for the contestants of Popstar To Operastar. You can access these by clicking on the individuals on the poptoopera homepage.

Noteworthy quotes so far include Marcella Detroit saying that she's never been to an opera. Well, this doesn't matter, as the show will be about people attempting to sing 'songs' in 'the operatic style', so actually having attended a full ninety minute lyric drama is irrelevant.

I'm rather more heartened by more than one of the contestants worrying about 'having to learn a new language'. As most middle-of-the-road opera singers (there are such people) will agree, it is possible to get by not having learnt the language at all, as long as they're able to pronounce the language correctly, and if they have a basic knowledge about what they're singing. This may be sufficient. Yet for genuine involvement in the drama, both vocal and theatrical, the ideal is to be fluent in the language in question. Learning the language may be a figure of speech for those involved in the show but it touches on the important issue of the immediacy of the drama through language - something that has been fudged in this country, to which English National Opera's use of surtitles in all opera productions, including those already in English, attest.

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