Thursday, 14 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar #5 - more big sell

Rolando Villazón is (perversely, as this is nominally a show about opera) the unknown quantity on ITV's new verisleb show. This informative piece in The Daily Telegraph also suggests that he could make it his own. He certainly seems to understand its nature and manages the most convincing line in spin concerning the event, with (for example):
I am not a singing teacher, but I can give advice from the perspective of an opera singer who has 10 years of experience...
I will work on the interpretation, and if I see a problem I will try to fix it.
Fair enough.

However, I simply can't bring myself to believe that Universal Music didn't see this as the perfect opportunity to re-introduce Villazón that it is from a way off, given his informal sabbatical through surgery and the fact that a new recording will hit the shelves shortly before the end of the show's run. Indeed the company even put the ITV trailer up (untrimmed, like a hastily run-up fly poster) on YouTube on Tuesday:

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