Friday, 15 January 2010

Popstar To Operastar #6 - MeatLodrama

It's been a frenetic day of trailing tonight's show for those involved in Popstar To Operastar. This is Katherine Jenkins' GMTV appearance:

Penny Smith (who is well read in classical music but who was a bit of a fall guy on the BBC singing-sleb show Just The Two Of Us) conducts a good interview here, e.g. asking a clear question about whether or not the contestants will actually be learning the languages in which they are required to sing. Jenkins deals with these and other questions very professionally, i.e. tells us nothing, keeps it positive and pleasant.

Here's the This Morning slot:

Something that pops up in both segments is the involvement of Meat Loaf. I think that, Villazón nothwithstanding, Meat Loaf may provide input of some substance. No-one really knows how to define 'opera' but we're all familiar with it in its vernacular sense of soap opera, i.e. drama. Performing opera 'songs' isolates those moments in opera where drama is put on hold for emotional rumination or extemporisation. I think Meat Loaf's experience - and success - in creating drama alongside the requisite emoting in a contemporary rock song to maximise the impact of the latter will be genuinely informative.

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