Friday, 15 January 2010

Popstar to Operastar #8 - drinking game

Let's play the Popstar To Operastar drinking game!

Settle down in front of the telly to watch the show with a large bottle of Lambrini. Drink a glass every time someone rolls out one of these half-dozen tried & tested opera clich├ęs:

1. Black bow tie/dinner suit
2. Viking helmet (an extra large glass if it comes with comedy Scandanavian pig tails)
3. If anyone says 'Italia 90/Pavarotti' or 'Go Compare'
4. A 'fat lady sings' joke
5. Production of a Cornetto
6. Someone whips out three £10 notes

Eating during the game is frowned upon. However, you should treat yourself to a handful of crisps in the unlikely event someone uses any or all of the words: passaggio, Fach, coloratura, Helden- (as a prefix to anything), upper partial or falsetto.

UPDATE: The Lambrini Dance = optional

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