Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Top 10 Films of 2009

In all the 'fuss' over the top films of the previous decade, I'd neglected to compile a more modest run-down of last year's films that I had appreciated most. There are precious few of them. I scraped this together:

White Material
Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1/Killer Instinct
Star Trek
Let The Right One In
Sunshine Cleaning
The Hurt Locker
Where The Wild Things Are
The White Ribbon

Caveats: a) I gave The White Ribbon 5/10 because I struggled with it more than I'd like. However I recognise that Michael Haneke's produced a film of enormous originality and control.
b) Up isn't there as I felt that I'd been taken for a bit of a ride. I was affected by the film but I could see every turn of the screw coming and this lack of variation in the Disney/Pixar emo-proforma disappointed me.
c) Officially, Precious and Up In The Air are 2010 films. They are both brilliant.

For the estimable PictureHouse Blog, I also suggested a couple of stinkers (Nine and Avatar). I'd add the tripping-over-its-own-feet The Reader to that, but suspect that it's 2008. Also for PictureHouse I suggested a couple of honourable mentions (Taking Woodstock and Vicky Christina Barcelona).

I haven't seen An Education, Bright Star, Inglourious Basterds or even Sherlock Holmes which all might have crept into the list. But that's all.

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