Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ritzy Cinema Podcast

This is a terribly self-serving post. The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton do a weekly podcast, along the lines of the downloadable version of Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode's Friday afternoon film review show for Radio 5 Live. It's chatty & enthused, if a little wishy-washy, and talks not only about films on release but also about other events at the cinema.

This week they invited film review Haikus via Twitter and - stone the crows - my (rather po-faced) take on Ironman 2 was not only read out but also adjudicated to have "won". Joy unbounded. The podcast's here (my Haiku read @ about 9'00")

Much more importantly, it has been suggested that my web moniker unmasks me as an IKEA salesman. Seems reasonable.

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