Monday, 1 November 2010

We Are The Falling Fuel Can

... the truth is that capitalism has done its work perfectly, as it was bound to do. While the markets appear to fail in suburbs, ghettos, in shops and on the news, we actually live in the richest time of all human history. It's a time of abundance which the Romans could only dream of. But you didn't notice because of capitalism's success - the real wealth has moved up into the hands of a very few... Capitalism was never a device for societies. Here's the analogy: think of a space rocket. Ninety-nine percent of the rocket is just fuel can - and when the fuel is used up, it falls back to earth. What you see now with the economy is just that - the can falling down empty. The people who built the rocket are way up in space. Nothing will ever touch them or their descendants again, not for five hundred years.
from Lights Out In Wonderland by DBC Pierre

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