Sunday, 3 March 2013

David Buckley

This coming week sees the release of a new pulpy action thriller vehicle for Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, Parker.

The music for this romp is written by a young British composer with a steady career in Tinseltown at the moment, David Buckley. Crossing the pond six years ago to assist his colleague Harry Gregson-Williams he has gone on to score a number of films in his own right, many in this action thriller genre; they include The Forbidden Kingdom, From Paris With Love and director of the moment Ben Affleck's second feature The Town. David Buckley also writes the music for the American legal drama The Good Wife.

I spoke to David by phone earlier in the year about writing for genre, Affleck's ear for music and the influence of Tony Scott, as well as Parker. The interview is to be broadcast tomorrow night (4 March) at about 2130 GMT on The Kevin Markwick Show, online at and shortly afterwards via podcast.

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